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Our bartending services are at the heart of Liquid Caterers. For over ten years, Couple of Bartenders has been providing superior customer service, while serving up a much needed dose of liquid therapy. All of our bartenders are hand selected by Neal and Kinsey, are Title 4 Certified, and receive ongoing training to provide guests with an experience that is both safe and enjoyable. We make sure all of our bartenders receive the support they need by pairing them with our senior bar staff to ensure they are up to speed with the high standards of CoB. At Couple of Bartenders, we understand that the personality behind the bar is as essential to an event as the cocktail creation itself. A key feature that elevates our services and sets us apart from other companies is our custom cocktail creations and expert presentations achieved through unique garnishes and glassware selection. While planning your event, one of our curators will work with you to create a custom cocktail based on flavor profiles, your favorite spirit, and the colors and theme of your celebration. Tastings are also available upon request. One of our cocktail curators will work directly with you to mix up various cocktails to find one that fits your occasion perfectly.

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