Additional Services

Additional Services

Having an option for your guests to self serve – water, ice tea, and lemonade is a nice added touch especially for larger events.

This helps eliminate congestion at the bar and allows the guests to help themselves to stay hydrated throughout the event.

We have several variations from simple water, lemonade, and ice tea to infused water, lavender honey lemonade, etc we can get extremely creative with the beverage station, we will custom create to meet your event requirements and tastes.

Having the opportunity to assemble and customize your own drink creations makes for a fun party atmosphere and guest experience. Our Mimosa bars are not only visually appealing, but are a simple way to offer a wide variety of choices – catering to all guests.

We will provide:

  1. Professional bartender to pour and custom make drinks per guests request
  2. Portable bar
  3.   Three fruit nectar choices (additional juice options available for purchase)
  4. 4 fruit garnishes displayed in glass containers
  5. 1 non-alcoholic choice such as Sparkling Cider, Club Soda or Fresca for guests that do not wish to have champagne.
  6. Plastic Champagne flutes

Whether Couple of Bartenders is your choice for bartending services at your wedding or not we’d still love to create a signature cocktail unique to you and your event – it’s what we’re known for! We’ll take you through a multi-step process of identifying the look, taste and feel you’d like to create, meet with you for a tasting (the fun part!) and send you with a shopping list and recipe to recreate your crafted cocktail. However, if we are going to be serving you on your big day then we’ll come prepared with all we need to mix up as many of these tasty concoctions that you and our guests could possibly handle!

This bar is worthy of a party all in itself – stocked full of delicious and creative garnishes and made complete with our own Signature Bloody Mary mix.

We will provide:

  1. Professional bartender to custom create Bloody Mary’s for the guests
  2. Portable bar
  3. Regular and Spicy mix
  4. Choices of pepperoni chunks, mini hot dill pickles, garlic stuffed olives, blue cheese stuffed olives, and pepperoncini peppers
  5. Celery sticks
  6. Toothpicks
  7. Disposable cups or optional mason jar with lids and straws

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